• Engine Repair, Rebuilds, & Replacement

  • Your engine is the key component of your automobile that is made up of many moving parts. Parts such as spark plugs, battery, oil, fuel filter, air filter, transmission fluid/filter and power steering fluid need regular replacement every 1 to 5 years. Keeping up with regular maintenance can make quite the difference in the life span of your vehicle. It can even make the difference between your car lasting 60,000 miles and 600,000 miles as well as its' value when you decide to sell.

    From engine repair, to rebuilds and replacement, we can service your vehicle's engine for all major and minor engine repairs. Our engine repair services include a tune up, overhaul, rebuild, and replacement. 

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  • Signs Your Engine Needs a Tune Up

    1. Hard-Starting
    2. Knocking
    3. Sputtering or Stalling
    4. Decreasing 
    5. Coughing Noises
    6. Rotten Egg Smell
    7. Running Rough
  • Our Engine Repair Services

  • Engine Tune Up
    Spark Plugs
    Compression Test
    Plug Wires (where applicable)
    Filter Replacement
    Engine Overhaul
    Engine Replacement
    Scheduled Maintenance
  • Other Parts We Check / Replace
    Timing Belt / Timing Chains
    Power Steering Pumps