• Transmission Repair

  • Your transmission is one of your vehicle's most integral components that functions by transferring the power produced by your engine to the wheels. If anything causes it to stop functioning properly, your car isn't going anywhere fast. This means you need to get your car to a local transmission service shop near you that's reasonably priced and does quality work, fast.

    That's the quality service you will get at Rainwater Transmission Repair. We've been providing excellent transmission and automotive care with friendly customer service to our fellow Texans and those who have come by our transmission shop in Fort Worth Texas. We put you first with quality parts at honest, reasonable prices, and the labor to match it. When you leave Rainwater Transmission Repair with your car, we back you with our FREE 2 year warranty guarantee with the option to purchase an extended warranty.

    To talk to our technicians or speak with Luke Rainwater himself about getting your transmission serviced, schedule an appointment or give us a call.

  • Transmission Warning Signs

    1. Fluid Leaks
    2. Transmission Light Turns On
    3. Sweet Smells
    4. Dipstick Inspection
    5. Grinding Noises
    6. Delayed Gear Shifting
  • Our Transmission Repair Service

    1. Rebuild
    2. Update
    3. Upgrade
    4. Install Overhaul Kit